Friday Snippets – St. Paddy’s Day edition

Hello and happy Friday, friends!

The Internet has been rife with Friday Snippets fodder this week, so I won’t hold back any longer. Here are some cool things I read/found online this week that you may have missed, many of which just happen to be related to a certain Irish holiday coming up tomorrow:

Me, Katie, Becca, Taylor, and Brit hanging out at the Gala during the inaugural Vida Vegan Con.

– After sitting on pins and needles for what seemed like eons this week, the three brainy vegan babes behind the Vida Vegan Conference (VVC) decided where the next conference will take place: VVC 2013 will be in Portland again (yay!) and VVC 2014 will be in Chicago, (woo!). I was honestly hoping for Chicago, but this is the best of both worlds, as now I can attend 2013 just by driving down I-5 and I can finally experience Chicago in all its glory for the first time with tons of other vegans. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, so be sure to “like” the Con on Facebook.

O’Hara’s Celtic stout. Photo by Helen of Vegtastic.

– St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Do you all celebrate? I was much more inclined to in college, (then again, who wasn’t?!) but this year has me waxing nostalgic on some fun times I had on the holiday in the past. Thankfully I’m getting together with family tomorrow eve for a big dinner and lots of Irish beer no doubt, and will be making some sort of vegan, gluten-free dessert to share. In case you’re looking for help on what to make for your own party, check out these great resources: Helen of Vegtastic put together a great list of vegan-friendly Irish beers; VegNews posted a whole menu of Irish delights to help you out; and the Family Kitchen on Babble posted a recipe for a vegan Shamrock Shake! I can’t remember the last time I had one, but they used to be a family tradition growing up. Maybe it’s high time I brought them back, cruelty-free style.

Gorgeous Black Bean Soup photo by Cat of The Verdant Life.

– As I recently purchased a new laptop, I’ve been doing some cleaning up of photos and organizing things related to the blog behind the scenes. One thing that I noticed immediately is how many soup-related posts I’ve written! I have no shame about this fact and honestly can’t help it – fall and winter and sometimes most of spring in the Pacific Northwest qualifies as soup weather, and thus I make and eat a lot of it. My friend Cat of The Verdant Life totally gets my soup appreciation and love, and shared some of her thoughts on just why it’s so amazing in a post this week. Go on, read it. I promise it’ll make you want to cook up a batch to eat for the next few days.

Silly fun times at Blubeard Coffee. Photo courtesy Tacoma Cash Mob Facebook page.

– There are so many great things about Tacoma, and one of them is the fact that its residents love to support each other and their businesses. A few days ago I saw chatter of a Tacoma Cash Mob on Twitter, and then it mysteriously jumped onto Facebook as well. Tacoma evangelist Katy Evans is one of the individuals started the project locally and it really seems to be taking off! According to a Tacoma KOMO story on the local movement, a cash mob is: “groups of strangers who descend on beloved independent retailers—bookstores, bakeries, wine shops—and spend at least $20 each.” The Tacoma Cash Mob Facebook page has created an impressive list of local businesses, and locals can “vote” for the next business that is to be descended upon by “liking” photos of their favorites. Many vegan-friendly spots are represented including Corina Bakery, Pho King and Bluebeard Coffee, as well as non-food businesses such as King’s Books and Orange on 6th Vintage. If you love supporting local Tacoma businesses too, check out the page and “like” your favorites, and keep up with happenings to see when the mobs will be scheduled.

I am going to go figure out what I’m going to bake for tomorrow now. Have a grand weekend, all!

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  1. Soup love forevah! Thanks for plugging my post – and for making so much delicious soup yourself. And remember, if you’re ever too lazy to make your own soup, you can go to Infinite Soups and nom nom nom on my behalf. :)

  2. Aww, I love your Friday snippets — thanks for including my beer post! Next, I must try Cat’s soup… mmm. And you keep the soup posts coming too!


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