Vegan Cuts Snack Box review: February 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Feb 2013Who’s vegan and loves snacks? This gal! When I saw that Vegan Cuts was looking for bloggers to review their new monthly Snack Box subscriptions, I jumped at the chance, and was quickly emailed back saying that a box would be on its way to me shortly. Next, I pumped a fist.

I was already am a big fan of Vegan Cuts’ daily deal-type site where you can buy new vegan products at a discount and support an all-vegan company. I first heard of the website at Vida Vegan Con 2011 before the site was up, so now I look forward to their daily emails announcing cool new products that I can check out via their well-designed site.

The Snack Box idea just takes things to a new level, though.

I love to try new things, and am always grabbing new brands of kale chips, dark chocolate, weird chia seed drinks, etc. at the grocery store, so this kind of service was tailor-made for me. Having it come to your doorstep every month is another way to try new vegan items every month and to find new go-to snack staples with absolutely zero effort all for $19.95 (shipping included). The American dream, right?

Vegan Cuts Snack Box contents Feb 2013Without further ado, here’s my review of the February 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box:

Simply7 Lentil chips – Sea Salt flavor: There were the first thing I tried out the box, and I deemed them delicious. Slightly salty, very crunchy, and a good quick snack, these lentil-based chips are intriguing. I’ve had lentil and bean chips before and loved them, but these were a little odd in terms of texture. I would compare it to air-puffed Pirate’s Booty, and I enjoyed these.

Sjaak’s Heart of Cherry: I. love. Sjaak’s. chocolates. Every time I stop at Vegan Haven or Food Fight in Portland, I have to grab a handful of their perfect, bite-size chocolates, (generally the peanut butter or hazelnut butter bites). They’re seriously a glorious gift to vegans. Initially this Valentine’s Day-themed chocolate confused me and I thought it was a vegan cherry cordial, but thankfully it wasn’t. Instead it was a chocolate filled with creamy cherry truffle, and the combo worked smoothly.

Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts: Yum! I was a big gummy candy fan pre-veganism, so these were a welcome sight. The boyfriend and I dug into them quickly after I devoured the lentil chips, and both enjoyed these. Sugary sweet, I could see these being a great late night study session companion.

Merry Hempsters Lip Balm in Spearmint: There are so many vegan lip balm brands out there that I still haven’t tried them all, and Merry Hempsters was among one of those brands. This balm is classic spearmint, went on smooth and kept my lips chap-free all day. I love this practical, everyday addition to the box.

Righteously Raw Chocolate – Low Glycemic Antioxidant Rich 82% Raw Cacao, Divine Mint flavor: My taste buds didn’t react well to these, likely because I’m used to full-on dark chocolate, sugar and all. If you’re on a mission to eat less sugar or try and curb it out of your diet I would suggest this as a great option, but if that’s not the case, I wouldn’t automatically reach for these.


Dang Foods Coconut Chips: Soooo dang good! As I mentioned via Instagram, I am not a huge coconut fan (I use coconut milk and eat coconut milk ice cream, but straight coconut and flakes are too much for me), but I love certain coconutty things, and these chips were the bomb. I actually still have some left that I’ve been squirreling away to top on just the right snack. I keep eating them by the handful, but I think they’d be perfect on top of ice cream, yogurt, in granola/dry cereal or on oatmeal. I think these are officially my favorite out of the entire box.

Budi Bar, Star Chai flavor: I couldn’t eat this to try because I’m not a star anise fan. So this is my boyfriend’s review: “Very nutty. There’s bits of dark chocolate, so if you like very dark chocolate you’d enjoy this. It left me with a smoky aftertaste.” His overall impression was that he wouldn’t grab this given the choice, but I would be all over trying out other flavors of these bars because I liked the not too moist, not too dry consistency of them.

PureFit Nutrition Bars – Peanut Butter Toffee Crunch flavor: I was also not a fan of the texture of this bar and could tell that it was heavily processed by looking at it. It reminded me of the protein bars I ate pre-veganism, but I liked it. I didn’t taste the toffee crunch flavor, but this peanut butter loving lady was into it post gym-session. Lots of protein and it makes a good hearty snack if you’re on the go.

Serengeti Ticolino Tea: Full disclosure, I have yet to try these, but I can’t wait to! They seem like a really neat idea. They’re tea sticks which eliminate the need to squeeze a bag when tea has steeped long enough and also allow for easy stirring. Nifty, clean and convenient, these would be perfect for work or travel. I got Jasmine (my fave!), Earl Grey and Chamomile, so I’m eager to give them a whirl.

The last item in the box that I also have yet to try is a free online Vegan Cooking School Course, valued at $97. This expires in May of this year though, so I’ll be trying it out soon and reviewing it here.

Overall some hits and some misses, but the hits swung it out of the park and were true homers. I loved seeing this box at my door at the end of a work day and digging into all the new vegan treasures. And now I have some mainstays that I’ll include in my snacking rep. I didn’t mind that not all the contents of the box were literal snacks, but so long as those stay to a minimum, I’m up for trying new lifestyle products too.

PS: I totally subscribed after receiving this box, and am already excited to see what April brings!

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